Lol Mara.

After mingling with a few of the other tributes, some altercations being better than others I woke up early like usual and sat around for a few hours. Now would usually be the time that I would be out hunting but I obviously wouldn’t be able to do that here. I walked into the dining space and saw Garrett sat there reading something. I walked over and sat down next to him and started to eat a bowl of cereal. He put down his paper and looked at me for a while, I’d always admired my brother, he was strong, fast and a hero back home but here, he looked tired.

"The Parade was good, it made the two of you look great, we’re in talks with sponsors already and your odds came out last night and you’re in a good position already just keep it up" I nod and continue to eat my food, it was odd seeing him like this, so alert and well, serious.
“Okay mentor, so what’s the plan for training?” I say with a grin, he needed to lighten up a bit, he shoved my shoulder and shook his head as he picked up what he was just reading. He showed it to me, it was some sort of schedule for the first day of training. I looked at my name and acknowledged the others of the people I would be training with for the day.
“If I were you Eli, I’d speak to Diamond the girl from One and its your choice whether you interact with the others” I smile as I see Zamara’s name, training with her will be fun.
“Zamara I’ll train with, she seems cool” Garrett raised his eyebrow and I shook my head, “It’s not like that” Garrett pursed his lips like he was going so say something that he knew I wouldn’t like but obviously thought the better of it.
“Are we ever going to talk about him?” I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from lashing out at him. I knew he meant well I could tell by the caring look on his face. I stood up, grabbed an apple
“There’s nothing to talk it, it’s over.” I said softly before leaving. I was one of the first in the training room and I instantly saw Zamara over at the climbing wall. I walked up behind her as quietly as possible, I managed to get a decent distance before I said “Boo!”

"You’re an eager beaver aren’t you?"